The ideal property is a matter of feelings,
Since 1999 we transform yours into reality

About us

Since 1999, professionalism and transparency become the flagship for KLEE; adheres to the Code of Conduct for real estate brokers according to the protocol defined, in agreement with the Venice Chamber of Commerce for consumer protection.

Through the largest national association of the category, it guarantees a capillary presence across the national territory. This means that the property entrusted to KLEE will be placed in exclusive circuit in Italy and, thanks to international collaborations, also abroad, with the advantage of having a single interlocutor and avoiding that your property is treated in a generic way and, above all, in a different way in every reality.

KLEE provides a proper and real evaluation of your property; Then, as soon as it is entrusted to us, we CONTROL ALL THE LEGAL TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS to guarantee the buyer, or the tenant, on the goodness of the deal and, if there are differences, point the owner to PROFESSIONALS with whom we have an arrangement, for resolution of any problems avoiding loss of time and money.

In managing the property, KLEE prepares MARKETING PLAN for the best positioning in the market of the property for sale or rent, exploiting the major media communication channels.

CONTROLS AND FILTERING of the customers who are accompanied to visit the property, thus avoiding loss of time and reporting the progress of the visits so as to always have an updated view of the negotiations and allow for real-time corrections; cares about the COMMERCIAL ASPECT of the CONTRACT by accompanying clients who are interested in the affair to find a solution from an economic point of view by assisting them with the best credit counselors to get the MORTGAGE for them cheaper, both in the technical, in the case of renovations and / or decorative choices by offering to them Architects, Engineers, Arrangers and Artisan who will settle any demand at the least cost on the market.

Seila Sgaravato


Real estate agent
REA Registration of Venice Chamber of Commerce N° 286099
Code F.I.A.I.P: 9444 College of VENICE membership
Provided for Professional Liability for Business Agents in Mediation


Seila Sgaravato founded KLEE in 1999 by transferring her years of experience in commercial and real estate. In KLEE, has created an innovative and effective method to satisfy a demanding clientele, as it is right, in a sector as complex as real estate. Among its customers are some prestigious companies including major national credit institutes, retail multinationals and prestigious Business Services. Anyway, it is in direct relationship with the customer that Seila is able to imprint her Style.

From 2013 she is member of the board (in the province of Venice) of F.I.A.I.P., Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents, the largest national association of the category, with the position of Secretary-Treasurer.


  • Commitment and will. Seila Sgaravato is committed to meeting all the needs of its customers in terms of sales, purchases, leases and mortgages helping them overcome any obstacles to come to the conclusion of the deal.
  • Simplicity in the approach proposed in the highest professionalism and competence and respect for the confidentiality of the information acquired.
  • Transparency and Clarity as core elements of her work to share with the customer every phase of the transaction.
  • Passion is essential to getting the impossible.
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